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Even Google’s Wi-Fi router still sucks

When Google launches any product or service, then people expect more from Google but sometimes it is found that that product is totally sucks and useless. That product cannot fulfil the minimum demand what people expected. Recently, Google released a Wi-Fi router device what makes people high expecting but that is found sucks. Recently, Google Wi-fi users have complained on Google’s forums that the device is not working properly and it has constant internet drops problem. Google released an update when it acknowledged about the problem but the problem was not fixed. Because it is not so simple: separate any Windows 10 or Xbox devices from your Wi-Fi connection, and belongings machine should work as standard. This is clearly a problem for those person who likes using your laptop on the internet from time to time or frequently.

Before releasing this router, Google released some routers before but those have many problem. This router (latest router) is not even the original time that Google’s routers have run into very difficult problems. You have to use Google account to set up Wi-Fi, and firmware updates are installed automatically. It is a great option or security, but leaves your home Wi-Fi dependent on a cloud system to not make errors. Sadly, that does not seem to have functioned so far.

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